Cheeky booze time at Bootleg Brewery

Aloha! Today I've been enjoying a lovely day full of chatter, chocolate, and uhh... beer!

We celebrated Tom's twenty-third birthday with a 'family' lunch at the Bootleg Brewery in Margaret River. I use the inverted commas because sadly, it was only my family today; Tom's parents and siblings are still back in South Australia.
I so admire Tom's strength in staying here with me - and even more so, his brave choice to move in the first place. We're a relatively new couple, we hadn't even known each other for a year before we moved here a month ago. He's such a family guy though, super close to his mum especially, and he does miss them a lot from time to time.
I wanted to work hard today to make sure he didn't miss them TOO much. Just quietly, I think I did pretty darn well! Brekky in bed, homemade carrot cake, and a lovely outing to Bootleg.

It's a pretty cool place, orientated outdoors with lush green grass and big umbrellas everywhere.

I think they do live music on Saturdays, so it's busier than it usually is on a Sunday like today... but I didn't think the atmosphere was lacking. Our big table chatted constantly, in between devouring the huge meals we'd ordered.

I had a gorgeous filo-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with brie, pine nuts, and sundried tomatoes, covered in hollandaise sauce. Yummmmm! .

We tried all the beers too (by the jug!), some stranger tasting than others. I myself am not a huge beer drinker, but I like to taste.

If you can read the above beer list, you can notice that the last one is called the "Raging Bull". This has an alcohol percentage of 7.1, as opposed to 4.0% in the others!! We didn't knock back too many of these.

Instead of ordering any baked or icecreamy desserts, the birthday crew chose to head over to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Where we dove into the free samples and walked out without buying anything! Hehe. Actually, Tom was gifted some amazing dark mint chocolate, which I now cannot photograph, because it has mysteriously disappeared...

This is what I wore for the occasion:

A plain black skirt & singlet combo, with my new Target jacket thing on top. Floaty, pink, with a vintage look to it... ahhh I love it so much! With my pearl ring, favourite chunky bracelet and jeweled sandals I felt elegant and romance inspired.

Loving that we're seeing more and more of beautiful Margaret River each week. It's definitely a stunner of a holiday destination, for anyone wanting to check out an aesthetically pleasing part of Australia as well as getting a feel for a rich and arty culture.

If I wanted to continue raving, making this post even longer, I'd start with the beach. Ohhhh, bliss. I'll leave you with just one shot & hook you up with more another time.


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