Excuse me, I'm a VIP toilet cleaner

Tonight, I scored the ultimate casual 'job' - cleaning toilets at the Pete Murray concert held at a local winery, Leeuwin Estate. I've never felt so awesome in such a humble role.

My cousin Dan drove my boyfriend Tom & I down the long dusty roads, card-bearing tags around our necks stating "CLEANER" next to a shiny pic of Pete. We flashed said tags at the fluorescent jacket people and felt super privileged in being directed to a special staff carpark. Ooooo! Actually, it's more that we were allowed to arrive early before anyone else. Pete Murray was sound checking, and actually I was devastated to hear him doing 'Opportunity' when we rocked up. Gahhh, you're meant to save the best for last - the song I'd hang out all night to hear!
Never mind :)

Sitting on the grass, getting ready for the show

The night was amazing, rewarding, and also slightly tiring (which is why I'm sneakily writing this the morning after and pretending I'm still running on the hype of the gig. Heh heh).
The truth is I spent the majority of my time up front, belting out Pete songs (with my Mum!) & glistening from the uncomfortable temperature of the "cleaner clothes" I'd chosen. Paid thirty dollars an hour, all the team - Dan, Tom, a friendly Jess & I - had to do was run back a mere five or six times and check the two toilet blocks for trash + replenish any stocks. We did a two hour clean up at the end, but this was a-okay & thankfully lessened our guilt for being paid big bucks just to enjoy ourselves.

Great set up for an outdoors performance!

Everybody's mate, Pete Murray

Kudos for the band's ability to entertain. Both Pete Murray - who at one point dragged a selection of goofy crowd dancers to centre stage - and the supporting act, Passenger, were skilled at extracting laughs & high spirits from their scattered audience.
[Passenger is a man & his guitar who also goes by the name Mike Rosenburg. Definitely look up his songs for pure passion & thought provoking lyrics!]

Here's a video of a song I really enjoyed, called 'I Hate'. In watching this video I've noticed that he edited his language a lot in respect to the children at the concert, sweet.

Hope you enjoy it; let me know what you think of his style! It could be really different to what you'd usually listen to, but I bet you'd be loudly singing "la la la life" with all the rest of them :D.

Post again soon, don't you worry. I'm getting all regular with this already!


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