Bring a little bit of dance, bring a little bit of song

Dear little Daisy cow out in the rain

Though I may be digging this drizzly weather, it's not quite inspiring enough to get me dressed up for the New Year. All day I've been trying to decide which of my dresses I'll wear tonight (out of the fifteen I packed - yeah I know, they did literally take up half my suitcase) and now I'm wishing I brought a pair of flannelette jim jams too.
I'm just wondering if it is close to a sin for 20-something year olds to spend the countdown tucked up in cuddly blankets after a nice homemade curry.

Hmm. The age old saying is that you should welcome the New Year the way you'd want to live it & see it out at the end - having fun, being drunk, kissing your loved one, whatever. I say I wouldn't mind being relaxed & around my family. I know 2012 will be blessed with such simple joys as this.

Speaking of simple joys - I finally found a (hanging) wardrobe solution!

My stepdad came in today & suggested we suspend a fat piece of PVC pipe in my closet.
My response to this was "BLEHH", & a most likely horrible face, before stating that I didn't even want to be in the room with the thing.
And then he disappeared, returning with this battered old ladder! Isn't it great?? I love how quirky it looks, and the fact that I can hang my favourite pieces front-on & admire them all day. :)

This has made me really excited to start doing up our little bungalow. Splashes of paint, scouring the Lions Shed for furniture bargains, and a whole lot of creative DIY - this is a glimpse into my 2012! Can't wait.

Happy New Year, bloggers!

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