That token first post

I've always wanted to start a blog, and oddly, the end of the year seems a great time to begin.
Certainly 2011 will see out the end of an era - my life living with Dad, while studying uni & bar tending part-time, in South Australia for the past two years.
A dramatic change has now got me living in Margaret River, WA! With my mum! And I'm currently jobless & free. (And a wee bit broke). It's a little funny to admit, but at 21 years of age, I really need my mum around.

So Margs is a beautiful destination town - small, with a quirky country feel to it. Lots of art, wineries and breweries, and beaches!! Pics of the place soon to come, but for now I'll post a few from Christmas...

Note: Don't mind the mismatched editing effects; I've been playing around with the vibrantly retro (and free!) workings of Pixlr-o-matic. It's great because downloading is optional - you can just use it online and produce awesome snaps in a flash!

I know there's a lot of charm in a White Christmas, but I wouldn't trade a deliciously dribbly summer feast of mangoes & cherries for anything. Yummmm.

This year I will put my hand up as the most spoilt of them all - thanks to Santa, my boyfriend, and my sweet family. I scored some exciting goodies, including:
- Floaty top from Just Jeans (WOW my 18yo brother has good taste...)
- An easel & canvas
- A set of watercolour pencils
- A 6kg 'kettleball' - advertised by The 4 Hour Body as being the only form of exercise you need to slim down & tone up
- A carb counting book (My stepdad & I are getting mean with our diets for a healthier summer - pretty easy method really, eat carbs at brekky (only 40g allowed per day) and then just avoid them for lunch & dinner... this might mean not helping yourself to potatoes (mehhh) or having to pick all the toppings off a pizza and just eat that (WHAAATTTT!). Haha.
- A gorgeous, silver mirror from a stylin' store that I have wanted since we moved here (3 weeks ago). Santa really knows what's going on, doesn't he? Perfect for my bathroom :)
- And a sketch book

For those interested in art & all things creative, if you give me a bit of time to settle into my new tools, I'm pretty sure we can have a beautiful friendship. It has been years since I've even looked at a paintbrush, but hey, no job means time to indulge in such luxuries, right?

I know there's many of you who adore vintage. You will most likely want to read 'Minxy Vintage' for DAYS on end, until your wardrobe is chockers of perfectly revived op-shop finds to match the author's.
Kelly Doust is an inspirational expert in DIY, and she encourages readers to be brave in finding their own style through mixing old clothes with new. This is your guide on how to spot the jewels in amongst the duds at thrift shops and flea markets - don't let yourself overlook hidden potential any more!

Hope you're all having a jolly festival season, and you're looking to the future with fresh goals and dreams. As the wise and assumedly happiest of folk say: Follow your bliss.


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