Lately I've been...

1. Wearing big bows in my hair, even on stormy days.
2. Admiring the cool things in my boyfriend's room, including his fish-like skateboard.
3. Trying to save. Trying really hard.
4. Enjoying relaxing days with my boyfriend, who cooks a killer breakfast.
5. Having fun setting up surprises on my second-ever official Valentines Day.
6. BEING surprised with an amazing home-cooked meal of Moroccan lamb with sparkling strawberry wine.

7. Planning more appropriate and nice workwear following an incident where I rocked up in cut-off jeans and Converse. Yeah.
8. Making manky beer bottles a beautiful feature.
9. Loving my dogs, Jaz and Bowie.
10. Reporting on beer festivals with my good friend Jess and trying to not get drunk from all the free samples.


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