Getting into photography

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Hi guys!

Yesterday I went to a photography workshop and this morning I was REALLY excited to charge up my camera again and properly look over all my photos for the first time.
...But my camera charger blew up in my face so I'll have to wait for another to arrive in the post haha.
I'll express my excitement here. :D

The workshop was run by Christian Fletcher - a well-known landscape photographer in Western Australia. Only 10 people participated, ages 15-25, because we had won the opportunity through a competition.

I was surprised to win, to be honest! I had written my application in under 20 mins and was not satisfied, but it was a truly last-minute thing. This just shows, you should NOT give up hope until you give your efforts a chance.

Me and the group!

Anyway! With much nervousness going on, I rocked up to the workshop and found myself launched into photography - it was brilliant! Christian gave us tips on how to take photos and how to edit them in Photoshop, before taking us on a road trip to stunning places around Margaret River. 
We travelled in a minibus, with a little map planned out - we had to each choose a location - and would stop at each place, take about 10-20 photos, and move on! High speed, with maximum effort/quality - I hope. :P

Eeeee I can't wait to look at them!

If you have a interest in photography - even if it's like a "Yeahhh.... kinda.... but I don't think I'll be good" interest - give workshops a go! Look into it! Don't be afraid.
You might be able to pay for workshops run by local photographers, or you could just ask them to give you some tips and show you some things.
There might be some competitions/opportunities around you - so look on the Internet or in the paper, whatever! 

<3 xZ


  1. Sooo have you got the photos yet? :)

    1. I'm gonna look at them tomorrow!
      How on earth do I see your blog?!?!


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