Workplace challenges

Today I'm writing because my friend, Narelle, told me she didn't like finding her own eye staring back at her every time she visited my blog. Haha. So here is a new post!

The main thing that has been happening lately is work.
But I'm not saying this is dull. In fact, it's been hectic and challenging. I'm learning new things, which I love!

Our editor, Mal, finished up with us last week and has gone on to lead a life of nomad travels.
Meanwhile, the Mail is left with an editorial team of TWO people. One being a cadet. Me.
Last week, I thought it was brilliant being able to take half a day off for my 22nd birthday, and then being sent to Bunbury for a day course on 'Breaking News'.
But combine that with the fact that I'm now in charge of sport - yes, sport; I can spell it, at the very least - and I'm expected to take on a lot more responsibility with general stories and laying out pages.

So basically, I was very behind on work, and had to do most of my entertainment stories on the weekend to catch up.
On Monday, I felt like I took eternity to wrap my head around which sport photos belonged with which stories, because they all arrive in bits and pieces through email.
On Tuesday, deadline day, I was carefully laying out the sport in QuarkXpress - tongue out in concentration - and then finally finished to find that Janine had sent almost all the pages off to be printed already!
She does so much work it isn't funny.
So I hope to climb up in my level of efficiency and feel as though I'm helpful. :)



  1. I soo tried of my job too and my study:(
    You have very nice blog, I add you to my followers and I will back here many many times :)

    1. Thanks Daria! I will look at your blog too :)
      What do you study?

  2. I don't wanna think to work :P
    Hope you'll visit my blog!


  3. great post.
    really nice blog.wanna follow each other?


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