Just a quick snap

Me in mah work uniform.

Yesterday was a good day, despite being pretty non-eventful. 
A forty-something-year-old man did fall over, and I felt bad but I was amused by this, because it was just a clumsy mistake of forgetting the step whilst he spoke to his wife, and you could tell that he was very embarrassed when he got up. He was perfectly alright though, I made sure of it. :]
Other than that, I just ran about with plenty servings of scones, and learnt where all the light switches were! Haha. 

After work, Mum and I went to collect some DVDs from town, and discovered a flurry of people and market stalls up and down the main street, with all the shops still open! We walked along, and wanted to check if one of our favourite stores had a sale price on a beautiful birdcage Mum likes, and who should we come across inside but my manager & one of the employees offering free samples of liqueurs and ports?! I thought the raspberry port was amazing, but you should try boysenberry! Mmmm. It was nice to introduce my Mum to my workmates. 

Well that's a short summary of my Friday.
I'll also tell you that I watched 'Midnight in Paris' with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams and it was a slightly dull film but I really enjoyed the 1920's scenes! 

Hope you enjoy your whole weekend! 


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