Come into the Lion's Den

...Except it's a shed. And there's no lion, just a whole bunch of people buzzing around, arms full of bargains. They bump into you and squeeze past, craning their necks trying to get a glimpse of what's on the racks ahead.

Jess! Will be stoked I put this on here :D

I introduced Jess to the Lion's Shed sales this morning. I think I've written a little about it *here* before, but never actually shown you pictures inside the place, because it is a danger zone for cameras! And plus, I'd usually be concerned about missing out on the good clothes due to a lack of flexibility and physical force that carrying a camera may cause.

But today... I had no wishlist or needs, and I was freeeee to flash the shutter here there and everywhere!
Have a look for your own eyes, the mystical wonders of the Lion's Shed!

"Hmmm... how much of this do I really need?"

What Jess and I came up with in the end.
Total: $7.50

My favourite pieces from today would definitely be an orange cropped sleeveless shirt, and a light green patterned dress. As soon as I got home, I chucked them on together - 

This pose cracks me up. Mum was saying, "I want an action shot! Pick some lemons!"

Love that I have a whole new outfit for 80c!

And I'm looking forward to seeing Jess wear an amazing purple velvet dress we found for her. We already decided it'd be awesome styled with grey leggings and a black ribbon in her hair for uber cuteness! 



  1. Fun pictures! you look so adorable darling<3

    1. Yeeee, it was a fun morning! Thankyou :D

  2. When I come to visit, this is the only other thing I want to do apart from chill with you! (Oh and stay in the Bungalow) :)

    1. Yes! Actually, you'd be amazingly good at grabbing the bargains there - you have to be quick - coz you've been op-shopping before! Experience and determination are necessary haha. x

  3. Can't wait to visit the Lions Den!! I hope it's open.
    This is prob one of my favourite outfits you've ever modelled for us!x


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