Would you like [a few unlimited glasses of] wine with that, Sir?

Leeuwin Estate Concert 2012

So, I've got good news: I've moved up from toilet cleaning! 
On the 11th & 12th of February, back at Leeuwin Estate winery for another concert job, I was in fact serving wine to people who had paid around $700 a head to be there. 

It was a huge contrast to the Pete Murray concert I worked at and blogged about here - the main difference being the drastic increase in crowds and the air of formality that surrounded the grounds. 

There were literally thousands of people attending, more than 5000, all dressed up to the nines. Not many high heels were spared for the grass that they had to trudge along. I guess many people were what I might call "rich", but I like to think there were a lot of families and friends that just wanted to partake in such an exciting and renowned event, as a special treat to themselves. Leeuwin has been holding this huge concert night for around 28 years, and has hosted guests such as Chris Isaak and Sting! No joke, I witnessed their wall of fame! 

Image courtesy of the Margaret River Mail

This year, featuring acts included Marina Prior, David Hobson, and the Perth Symphony Orchestra, with following act James Morrison and his Mo-Town spectacular! (If you haven't heard of these artists.... don't sweat it, I hadn't heard of the first ones either).

There were a few types of tickets with different privileges, which I'll outline in dot-points:
- Regular concert ticket: bought individuals a patch of lush green grass facing the giant sound-shell stage. These people bring their own food and seating.
- "Concert Club" pass: allows entry into a special tent area, and prime seating up front, with a pre-packed hamper of food and wine.
- Restaurant package deal: bought on top of either of the first two tickets; grants the holder a five course meal accompanied by five different Leeuwin wines!

It would all get a little confusing if not for the coloured neck tags that all guests wore to the event, depending on their privileges! 

My main role in the early evening was to look pretty and serve wine to over 100 guests at a time in the Concert Club tent. The photo above was taken by my proud Mumma, who attended as a regular guest and couldn't stop calling me over to the fence while I was trying to work! <3

Ahhhh it was such a rush, and sometimes required a little boost of courage, to approach people and interrupt their conversations to offer a top up or a transition from white to red or vice versa. Many people loved me, to be humble about it, because I'd be there just at the right moment or insisting that they deserved "just another splash". There was no limit on alcohol intake, but everyone was drinking in classy measures, so there was just enough intoxication for an all-round merry experience

Later on, I continued serving wines at the five course dinner, which took place on the outdoor decks of the main restaurant. Sorry I chucked the sample menu away so I can't tell you exactly what each course consisted of, but I know there was freshwater crayfish in one, and a shot glass filled with gazpacho (tomato soup) for another... interesting! Everything was beautifully presented. 

In terms of the performance, I was a bit busy to watch, but this is a picture of my darling grandmother and she was just thrilled. Apparently she knew quite a few of the opera songs in the first act, and every time a song came on, she would just throw her hands up and shut her eyes, looking to the sky like, "Oh!", "Oh!" A marvellous song! And so many memories. Hehe, the cutie.

A view of the many people leading up to the powerful and intriguing performance. 

When the concert ended around 12am or so, I basically helped the large team of workers pack down the whole setting... taking covers and ribbons off chairs, carrying many chairs and tables back into the restaurant after packing away the concert ones... polishing trays and trays of glasses! Etc. 

Although it was intense work, no task was particularly hard, and being with the other workers made it fun. I think the fact that we all got along so well in the definition of a 'team' was key to the success of it all.

Yep. I've said enough and probably still couldn't convey exactly how much I loved this experience. Oh well :).

If any travelers or WA locals want to consider volunteering at the next concert, I strongly recommend! Or bring your family/pals and get dressed up for a fancy platter and wine under the stars!


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