Silly me

In reference to my last post, THIS is what I should have worn....

Because for a moment there, I stupidly forgot we are living in MARGARET RIVER - home of the hippies. No one need dress up in monotone, uncomfortable clothes, ever!

By the way, my mum had a quick look at my blog and told me that I have no shame in whichever pictures I upload of myself - the last ones "make you look like a B-grade Russian mail order bride". Haha yeah true fact.

And oh! Look at all the cool stuff I got from my induction -

Two uniform shirts, an apron, a staff name tag which titles me "Zannia Yates" (not my last name at all!), and a whole lot of rules & regulation papers...

There's a page on frequently asked questions, which I appreciate, because said questions are answered with a certain amount of zazz.
Where can I smoke? for example, is answered with:
"Please do not smoke! It is bad for you."
I have friends coming, can I put out a picnic blanket for them? is answered with,
"NO. Any blankets and/or chairs laid out on the lawn before the general public enter the arena will be taken away and stored in the nearest bush."

So yep. I'm sorry for my unattractive pictures earlier, but damn my induction went well, even if I looked like a dweeb :D. Most of the people there (around 30 or 40 workers) had done the concerts in previous years, so I was one of the few newbies. Everyone takes the whole thing very seriously, but all in good nature, and they're all enthusiastic about the event. Heaps glad I applied, it should be fun!


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  1. RE: FAQs ~ I love it when people don't take themself too seriously. And smoking is bad for you :)
    PS thanks for the recent comment on my blog. To answer your question, it's a brooch.


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