How to dress for a job interview and not look like a dag... I'm still working on it

Today I'm having the biggest wardrobe struggle. Seriously. In four hours I have an induction for a waitress position at a wine estate - the job is just for one night, when they host a huge "world class" concert and gazillion course meal for $700 a head.... you know, the usual.
And I don't know what to wear.
A) Because it's so hot
B) Because pairing blacks and whites should be simple, but it's SO HARD when you're forced to wear a particular type of daggy shoe which stands out even more...

The first reason is the main cause of my struggle, I guess - because I had a shirt and skirt picked out before this day. But now that this day has arrived, and with it: blistering, sweaty heat, I'm not so sure. Does anyone else have a phobia of thighs getting sweaty and rubbing together? I just hate that.

So here is what I went through.... and, don't laugh... :P:

Outfit attempt #1: I feel so boyish right now.... with cut off legs... 

Wearing this headband makes me feel a touch more girly & glam. 

Outfit #2: All black. Like this skirt, but it's maybe a tad short. The top doesn't have much shape to it :/.

Thought my legs might look longer if I wore tiny socks..... No. Way. 
Hurriedly took them off again before I felt too much like my Croatian great-aunty in her flesh stockings and shoes way too similar to these... 

Outfit #3: Back to the socks, and a longer skirt.... Still don't like the top - my middle looks too undefined

Outfit #4: Ideally, I'd wear this! Nice and cool, and somewhat in line with my style. But a singlet/lace is not so appropriate for a job induction. 

Outfit #5: So this is the outfit that I had planned all along, but the shirt really is uncomfortably hot when wearing it. It's made of cotton & elastane, with no breathing through the material. This outfit seems the best, but I don't want to die of heat and the embarrassment of drowning in my own sweat.

So in conclusion, I guess I'm going to go with one of the two last outfits. And really, I haven't given you any advice at all. In fact, maybe I actually asked YOU "How to dress for a job interview and not look like a dag"??????
What would you suggest if you were in my situation?
Maybe you prepare yourself days in advance. Maybe you own surprisingly cute shoes for a waitress/bartender environment.
Feel free to comment and tell me where I'm going wrong.

For now, see you later, I'm going to the beach to forget about sweaty tops for an hour.... gahhhh.


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