Picture this: The Margaret River Farmer's Market


If I were a true local, I would regularly make a beeline for the Farmer's Market straight after the Lion's Shed sale on Saturday mornings. In actual fact, this is the first time I've visited, and it was only briefly - but still, I've come away with some sweet shots.
Note: This is how much I love my camera!! I really didn't put in maximum effort to set up or focus any shots, just a 'point and shoot' exercise really, but they came out well anyway.

The one thing I bought, was a paper bag of doggy biscuits. The girls who made them were so cute, and their little stall was put together with a lot of thought & care. Loved the "Keep calm and pat a dog" sign. :)

Do you have a local marketplace near you? Why not check it out this weekend? Buy some organic fruit? Some handmade soaps? A delicious dip?


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