Here, have some outfits

Hi blog friends, how are you doing?
Hope you're enjoying a relaxing morning/afternoon/evening like I am! This morning I went to the dentists and got two fillings. They're sore now, so I'm just laying on my bed and having a browse online.
I think my bank account is hurting just as much - I had no idea something like that would cost $400!

Anyway, I thought I might as well upload some outfits from last week, so here they are.

#1: When unexpected rain kidnaps the sun.

#2: How to steal your boyfriend's shirt and get away with it.... 

...And a photo I took of a poor moth with broken wings. 
It kept trying and trying to fly. I even looked up "how to fix butterfly wings" so that I might save it, but the instructions made it seem complicated :( Still thought it made a nice photo, in a tragic way.


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