Stray dogs love ice-cream

Meet Silky Mutt, the sweet doggy we made friends with over a huge - luckily - icecream treat this afternoon. He seemed hungry so I invited him to help clean my messy hands.
Those icecreams were super soft, dribbling faster than we could handle! Delicious flavours of Snickers + Marscapone & Fig, and Honeycomb + Whiskey.
I wish I could adopt ol' Silky. Wondering if he's still out there at the park now... wondering if he's tricked the whole neighbourhood into feeding him pity scraps.

I wore:

Nothing particularly exciting, but I do think the tassels on this tank top are fun! Both it and the frayed denim shorts are recent scores from a sale that I can't seem to stay away from (but why would you, when it's crammed full of bright, exotic, silky and flowy, unique things?!!).
Maybe I'll dedicate the next post to all my 'Poco Loco' buys... a total of nine hahah.

Alright, time to love and leave you! I'm feeling rather sleepy after a gorgeous meal out with the fam at the local 'Arc of Iris' [key words to describe: pork belly, duck, sticky date pud, wine, new incidental friends due to rain pushing diners closer together...].
I treated Mum & Ond (my stepdad) in order to celebrate both their new cleaning business ownership, and just their general love & generosity towards Tom & I since we've come to live with them. Nawwww. :)

Good nighty! xZ

(Oh and ps. I joined Chictopia today, after seeing that one of my fave bloggers recommended it... not sure if I'll use it consistently, but I noticed you can earn free stuff - like literal pretty bags and stuff in hand! - through gaining comments and followers! Oooh. And of course there's plenty to look at in terms of street style! Some amazing efforts out there.)


  1. thanks for the comment poppet, I definitely agree with your resolution - i'm going to start making more of an effort too :D
    That top is DEVINE! beautiful
    and your blog title banner is also amazing :)

  2. great pictures, the dog is lovable


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