Southbound summed up

Last time you read, I was checking bags for naughty drugs and alcohol, getting a good feel of people's spare underwear and raising my eyebrows at the alarming amount of condoms in everyone's luggage.
Well the next day, I actually WENT to Southbound and enjoyed the music with the visuals! Here's a little review...

Tim Finn's still got it going on, I didn't even realise how many songs I knew until he was rocking up there & I wanted to dance.
Missy Higgins, although I've never 'loved' her music, she was adorable & a wonderful performer.
John Butler Trio are always good - the most energetic dancing happened here! I even witnessed my boyfriend dancing for the first time.
And PNAU... well, moshing was extreme fun, but it kind of sounded like they were played over the radio... not a live show, so I don't really rate that.
I loved The Jezebels, some wicked attitude there.
And Fleet Foxes were lovely and mellow.
Metronomy were great, and funny people!
And CSS were definitely worth checking out for their quirky beats and contagious dance rhythm.

I had a great time with my mates + boyfriend,
and I picked up an awesome $5 ring, heck yeah!

By the way, friends and I also volunteered for cleaning up on the Monday after the festival. Peak hour sun, four hours of picking up rubbish and working in a team of 8 to pack up 40 tents... It was gruelling! But that would've been okay if the supervisors had been nicer to us and bothered to ask us our names.
I've learnt that no job, or pay, is really worth doing if you don't feel appreciated for it.
Oh well, still cool to be part of something big. I even got my 12 y.o. brother out there to help. (:


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