Tips on saving money from someone who sucks at it

First of all, I just bought:

these pants,

 this cardigan,

and these shoes,

in the space of two days. While maintaining to my mum that I can't yet afford to replace the car window I accidentally shattered last week.

BUT I am headed to Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay in three weeks' time and I know I will have gone from zero to hero by then, with a bucketful of cash to the total of $2000 at least.
I kinda have no choice but to be successful. So, here's what I'm doing:

Tips that might help you;

1. Have a soup night at home once a week. I find food is my biggest cost each week, so a nice pumpkin or potato and leek soup that costs under $10 for two people is a big help. You can make quite a lot with just a few ingredients!

2. Pack your work lunches. I used to rack up a good $30 everyday just with buying breakfast AND lunch out. Instead, it's handy to have a bunch of Tupperware containers in your cupboard and use them to take leftovers from dinner to work. Or why don't you have a baking day on the weekend and make a sweet potato and goats cheese tart? Spanakopita? Savoury muffins? Get creative.

3. Have a savings tin. You might think, 'Oh, I barely end up with many coins, I always use my card for things' but you do end up with heaps of coins - you spend them! I use my card for almost everything but sometimes I have cash and since having a tin that's getting heavier and heavier by the week, I've realised how much I just threw the leftover coins at any item to try and get rid of them. Save your coins and turn them into notes before your big holiday.

4. Do your tax return and see an agency to help you milk it. I haven't done my tax return for the last two years due to laziness. (Yes apparently I will get fined). This year however, I'm counting down the days and I'm onto it! I've got a list of things I can claim from my old jobs as a waitress/bartender - washing your uniforms, etc - and I'm going to get some help from a pro so I sort it out well and claim as much back as I can.

5. Sell anything you don't need. Not your old, moth-eaten undies of course. But what about that spare car you don't actually drive? Last season's winter coats? An umbrella? A cupboard you could get rid of. Take to the ol' Gumtree and eBay sites, or find your local Buy and Sell page on Facebook and turf some items that other people could find really handy.

6. Don't buy clothing you'll wear less than ten times before you go away. Just have this as a rule. For example, I'm allowed to buy black jeans because I could easily wear them four times each week - but a pretty dress that I'd wear once to work and then hideaway in my closet? Not worth it. If you budget in a clothes allowance to spend on holiday, you can think, 'Meh, I don't need that - I can find something more fun and amazing on my trip'.

7.  Plan 'new' outfits from clothing items you already own. Why don't you try a mix-up of ways you could wear them? Tuck your shirt into your pants and wear lots of necklaces? Wear a long tee over a pretty skirt and tie a knot at the bottom of the tee? Or a knot in the skirt? Have a look at the Fashion Mixology posts on A Beautiful Mess for inspiration.

8. Have a weekend challenge to not spend any money at all. Eat the food you have in your cupboard, find fun things to do at home or around your town that are free, ie. walking trails, board games.

9. Don't stress. Have fun with saving, google more tips and get really good at it.
If all else fails, you can get a credit card or borrow money from your parents, but just remember this is your choice, your challenge, and it is really going to pay off when you've bought what you were waiting for.


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