Such a rockin' style

1950s rockabilly.
Gotta love it. 

Except, I'm not so much a fan of the modern rockabilly/punk translation - you know, the rockabilly girls with bright pink or green hair and a heap of tattoos and piercings, and their clothes adorned with skulls and swallows.
I just adore the traditional-style polka dots, stripes, gingham; headscarves; victory rolls and 'Betty bangs'; leather jackets; denim; full-circle skirts; pencil skirts; cinch belts; eyeliner; peep toe pumps and Mary Janes, etc. 

Got a friend's 1950s murder mystery party coming up soon, can't wait!

What's your favourite 50s look?


Ps. I don't own any of the images in this pic, they're sourced from tumblr/google searches

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