Yoga, or Yogo? What would you choose?

Gwen leading the 1 hour class tonight

Yogo - as in a lifetime of sitting on the couch, comfortably eating chocolate Yogo snacks... 
is what I've probably done well until now.
But tonight I went to my first yoga class - and a fast "flow" one at that.
I felt so much hatred for the actions, yet they were so rewarding when I just sucked up and got on with it.

Let me draw up the scene for you...
A class of about 11 people, with one instructor, and interesting tribal kind of music. 
The instructor - Gwen, in this case - takes you through 'poses', with names like "plank", "up dog" "down dog" and "warrior".
Warrior was my instant fave; it just made me feel badass, like I wasn't just some girl in trackies staring at my sweaty self in a mirror in a crowd of other sweaty people, but a true warrior stretching before some kind of forest war. Yeah. 
Then we'd switch poses and I'd rub my arm along the mat and be shocked at the amount of sweat it left there. Haha. Oh I haven't mentioned yet - it was a "Hot Yoga" session. As in, there are four heaters set up around the square of people, and closed doors and windows. Gwen said she ideally likes the temperature to be set on 35 degrees, but that's hard to achieve in winter.

At one point, in the first few minutes of starting, Gwen asked people to inhale with a weird high-pitched noise, and exhale with a "HAAAAA" sound. People actually did this, and I could barely keep a straight face.

Overall, I think I'd do it again, but probably not for $20 a session. I liked the idea of "releasing toxins and stress" most of all, and to actually sweat in winter was nice. 

Wondering if the slower, traditional style of yoga is much different.


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