A normal weekend... full of purple bras

The organiser and her helpers for the night.

On Friday night I went out to take some social pics of the town's Purple Bra Night at the local district club.
It was quite an amusing occasion as you can see, and followed up on the joy of the Purple Bra Day that had occurred that day, with all participants raising money for Breast Cancer Care WA.

Margs features quite a lot of fundraising events here and there - and it seems like I'm always writing about them: rides for charity, walks for charity, parties for charity... but this was one cause that got the entire town involved.

Janine, our senior journalist, and I visited ten or more businesses throughout that day and saw a café selling special purple cupcakes, a sausage sizzle with all proceeds going to the cause, and even a minature pony dressed in a bra and purple glitter! Sorry I don't have the pic of that for you to see.

It was a fun day, and the Purple Bra Night disco was a good way to top it off, with people dancing and drinking, and either loving my camera in their faces or wishing I was not there to capture them wearing a bra outside their clothes, haha.

The organiser of the night, Bec, did an amazing job at raising money - the night alone drew in $1600 from door sales ($10 each) and raffle money.

I couldn't use the two below pics in our paper, because they have me in them, so I thought I may as well post them here.

These guys were funny - the guy on the right would not let me take a photo of him unless I was in it as well. He pretty much had to dare me to trust someone else with my camera!
"Come on, no-one will know you're the journalist!"

This girl came up to me straight after that, and she insisted we hold the camera up and take a pic of ourselves. Not easy to do, considering it's a chunky Canon EOS!

After I had all my shots (photos, that is... not alcoholic or medicinal shots haha), I made my way to the Tav to check out Adelaide band, Dexter Jones.
Definitely was happy to do a write-up on them earlier that week in support of my fellow Adelaidians - they were good, too! Also, they gave a lot of us dancers free CDs. Champs.

Here's a clip of their song DCF:


Note: I'm unsure as to whether the people in these pics will mind being on my blog, but in case you are one of those people and are reading this, and you DO mind - just let me know and I will take it down :).

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