My First Day as a Cadet Journalist

A gooby goober pic of me from the third day, wearing a top that my adorable sister Lucy sent my way - cheers Luce! 

Well, that day has been and gone - it was Monday of this week. It's now Thursday, and I'm reeling in the stories and whipping them into shape like there's no tomorrow!

And actually, my first day was quite dull, to tell you the truth. My newspaper goes to print on Tuesdays and comes out first thing Wednesday morning - so any Monday and Tuesday is spent frantically writing up and arranging the stories for that week's edition.
Picture a new little cadet coming into a stressed and frantic working space....
There's not a whole lot she can do.
So that day was spent cleaning out the desk from the previous cadet, known as Tom.

TODAY, however, has been four times as fun and four times as interesting as that. I interviewed my first band - over the phone - and used the resulting notes to write my first story. The band is a little trio called The Floors, who label their music as "dirty, lowdown, gutbucket, spittin' blues" for one, or basically rock n' roll, in simpler terms.
The guy I interviewed is called Luke, who was heaps friendly, and maybe couldn't even tell I was new at this! (Let's hope, haha).
And yeah, I'm pretty proud of the story because it's almost purely original copy, as in I didn't use anything from previous publications or press releases as they seem to do at the paper, to save time.
Hoping I can ask my editor to put my name on it, just to see it in print for the first time :P. That's every rookie journalist's dream, right?

Tomorrow I've got an appointment to go to a woman's house and interview her about her struggle with cancer and the ideas and hope she has about Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. Bit more serious, bit more scary, because I'll be on my own and expected to take creative, professional photographs for the paper as well!

So day by day I'm taking bigger steps, and getting further from the comfortable position of the baby cadet who can just sit there and say "help me!" and get everything done for her. It's scary, definitely, and hard work, but exciting all the way.

Favourite ring of current - double-finger crucifix

 Business-wear is kinda fun in winter...
Blazer - Target
Scarf - JayJays
Shirt - Bardot
Pants - Valleygirl
Shoes - Spendless


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