Like a princess with no real jewels

Guess what?!
I got paid!!
And as soon as I saw those figures in my online bank account jump from $3.70 to $300+, I hopped on ModCloth and BOUGHT A DRESS!
...and two other things as well. I couldn't resist!

So, you're wondering, which did I pick?

Well actually I've had my eye on it for a while... and it's not the kind of dress that everyone would suit or even like, which is why I love it. Beautiful lace; an awesome A-line figure; an out-of-the ordinary colour in limey greeny yellow? Here it is:-

Do you like it? :)
If so, how would you personally style it?

I can't wait until it arrives, and then I'll probably want to buy a gazillion more pretty things. Online shopping has finally got a hold of me.

Happy Friday night to you all!



  1. I am super excited about seeing this one on you :) bring on the posing!

    1. :D
      I would say it's embarrassing to be getting as good at posing as I am these days aha. But I will defs do some more in my new dress! "I'm ready for my close-up" *pouts*.
      I want to get some boots as sick as your new ones to wear with it!


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