I want...

Like everyone else, I am just smitten with the House of Harlow 'Chelsea' sunnies. They're $150, and as soon as I get paid, I know what I'll be spending it on!
I'm not one to usually pick out expensive things and actually buy them, but I think at least one 'luxury' pair of sunnies in a lifetime is called for. 
I'll probably break or lose them within three weeks ( sob :'( ), but eh.

Actually, last night I had a dream about somebody discarding these $400 sandals I saw on another blog... It was funny, I was just walking about in some kids' hospital type-place and found one shoe, then spent the rest of the time searching for the other. In disbelief that they were even abandoned. But I would've never paid $400 myself. Psssh. They weren't even sparkly. Haha.


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