A dress makes you feel best

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I was looking at my friend Narelle's latest blog post on A Marmalade Sky, when I realised - I don't want to spend my first paycheck on a pair of sunglasses at all! I want a lovely, floaty dress to arrive in the post that I can pick out and get really excited about. I can put this dress on and run outside and do some cartwheels and gush about its pretty colour, and how I feel like a fairy princess.
You can't get that with sunglasses. They'll only fall off.

So in light of this inspired decision, I hopped straight onto ModCloth and picked out a few beautiful dresses that I would love to own. This is no easy task by the way - there are A GAZILLION dresses I would love. I merely scanned the sales and selected six to show you...

This dress is printed with puppies. I kid you not. 
Now, you may not agree with me, but that is just a bucketload BETTER than all the cat printed items out there. Dogs rule! 

Definitely the ultimate spring-time dress. Gahhhh I love.

This one was way too expensive for me, but I love the pastels and the peter pan collar. 
It is the essence of cute and classy.

You can't really go wrong with a classic cut like this. 
Probably my favourite silhouette, and they say the print has touches of yellow in it. J'adore.

I usually stick to floaty things, but this straight cut dress caught my attention nonetheless. 
I think it'd be perfect for winter, with grey stockings and a big fancy coat. 

Anyway! I hope you guys like my picks. Do you have a favourite dress, one that gives you a particularly happy feeling? Is there anything online that you're simply dying of lust for?

^ To wrap up all this talk of dresses, I thought I'd throw one of my favourites and take a photo for you.

Off to a study date now!



  1. I love your favourite dress, I have also always wanted to get a dress off of ModCloth - I recommend it to everyone.... not many people are too keen for it though... if only they had more plus size :(

    Maybe I just need to get more motivated to make my own! :)

    1. They're NOT keen!?! What the.

      I know, their sizing is very sad - actually I was thinking of you this morning when I saw a couple of dresses, like this one: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/outright-amity-dress?view=reviews, which reminded me of your new one! I like the heart cut out.
      And I thought it was lame that they didn't have any sizes past 14 - do you know that a 12 is considered "L"? Psssh. Anyway!
      There is one I absolutely am in love with, and I wanted to ask if you like it - it's a weird colour but I think that's why I'm drawn to it haha: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/flourish-de-lis-dress

      YES I can't wait to see what else you come up with - you can fully just copy the designs from the Modcloth ones :D. I actually keep reminding myself that I should always look up whatever dress I like from there on eBay as well and I might find something really similar and cheaper.

      Call me a loner but I'm really excited to be talking to you on here right now :D :D made my day


    2. Ps. Thanks for liking my dress :], I forgot to say. x


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