Is it too nice a day for a black wedding?

My good friend and neighbour recently posted some pictures of a wedding she attended, which looks to have been a gorgeous occasion: sunny day, a bright backdrop outdoors, confetti and smiles all around.... and the bridesmaids all dressed in black. What? Isn't it bad luck or something to wear black to a wedding?

Likewise, my cousin Meg was asked to be a bridesmaid for one of her close female friends a few weekends ago, and she was also dressed in black. Floor length, no less. It's definitely an emerging trend, almost like the new version of black and white photos. The bridesmaids look beautiful and very elegant, and - with the above evidence - their black dresses set off the white of the bride even more (such a good thing in this case, because her outfit is absolutely stunning!).

But I can't decide if I quite like it or not. Even though I'm only twenty-one and haven't been brought up with the idea that traditions should always be honored or else it's a crime - for example, I'm cool with pairing red and pink together in rebellion of ancient 'fashion rules' - I kinda find black bridesmaid dresses to be depressing, and too reminiscent of a funeral scene.
Personally I don't even think Posh Spice should be allowed to get away with wearing a black outfit as she sits in the crowd at the Royal Wedding. It strikes me as almost rude, and I have this strange built-up perception that makes me see her as the evil or bitter guest who sits and sulks in the shadows. I would say this connotation might be derived from watching Disney movies. Who on earth would wear black to a Disney wedding?? Witches! A big ugly octopus woman named Ursula!

Happy guests at a Disney wedding would be shining in periwinkle blue, candy pink, and buttercup yellow. And while you think, 'Aw yes, how dainty and gay' much like my Nanna would, conjure in your mind all the bridesmaid dresses of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s... Or here, I'll post some:

 A 1973 wedding... The bride wanted a 'rainbow wedding' and matching hats to be worn. Indoors.

At an 80s themed wedding where a woman felt she had been dressed up as a mermaid by her sister bride.

Bridesmaids were confused for flower girls in this early 90s wedding.
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Wouldn't you miss that famous risk of getting your bridesmaid dresses horribly wrong? Sure no-one wants their entourage to look as cringeworthy as the above, but there's always a chance that a choice made today will still be seen as a laughable mistake in ten years time. With black, there is not much personality, no risk. No warm chuckles as you look back on photographs and see that the glowing coral colour you adored at the time really didn't mesh well with your poor bridesmaid's skin tone. 

Anyway, before I get too carried away with all my comparisons, I want to ask what you think. Is it wrong to wear black at a wedding? Or is black the new way of ensuring an elegant and 'safely' composed wedding, to look classy in photographs for years to come? What colour bridesmaid dress would you mostly like to see or choose, and why?

I've got to say, if you were to choose black, then this is definitely the way to do it: with glowing smiles and playfulness all around, you couldn't possibly mistake anyone for depressed.



  1. Hahahaha, this is reminding me of when my mum and grandmother both showed me their wedding photos, and I told mum her and her bridesmaids looked ridiculous (was married in the 80s) and that i desperately wanted my grandmas wedding dress as my own (married in the 50s). my mum was so sad i didn't want to wear HER wedding dress. Umm.. puffy sleeves... no.

    1. Haha! Yeah the 80s will always be a bit of a joke haha she can't be too sad :P Does your grandma still have her dress? Would probably be beautiful!


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