Crushed velvet for a funeral

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I will share a little detail if you're interested in the touching church service we attended yesterday - 
The man was one of Mum and Ondy's employees - Ben - a darling 48-year-old man whom I had only met once but already admired a lot, as a result of listening to Tom's stories about him.
He had a condition where his neck couldn't move, but it didn't seem to hold him back much at all from working hard (just so he could send his beloved son to Amsterdam for a holiday) and doing what he enjoyed - fishing, mainly. I think he was a gutsy man with a big friendly heart.

One thing I learnt about Ben - and this was greatly confirmed on the occasion that I met him - was that he adored his dog, a beautiful border collie, and it went everywhere with him.
When we went to the funeral service in a Catholic church yesterday, I had no idea, but the dog was sitting up in the front row. 
When those closest to Ben carried his coffin down the aisle and outside, his doggy followed in the procession. 
So sweet.

RIP Ben.

Anyway - enjoy my photos; 
they're just a few muck arounds in the velvet dress I wore - 40c from Lions Shed! 


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