An Australia Day recount, from someone who wasn't drunk

Marching into the froth

As a young adult, I've often spent Australia Day on the beach, boozing with friends, listening to JJJ Hottest 100. Like everyone else. This year, though, it was all about the fam, in our new location: Margaret River (ie. I don't know anyone else!!). 
It was a bliss day - nice and hot, as it should be - so we dined out for lunch before hitting the beach. 

Check it out...

Rivermouth Beach, Margaret River, WA

Don't you just feel like you're there? In the clutches of that great aqua swell

And lunch was pretty relaxing too! At a place they call "Sea Gardens" which overlooks the ocean. 

I painted Louie's face! He was super keen to post his picture on the Triple J website

However, it ended up being pretty pricey. All thanks to a quiet mention in the menu that we'd overlooked...

'Happy Australia Day! Here's a surprise 17.5% surcharge on your meal'

While saving a kangaroo is a very Australian feature of our day, a restaurant keeping this detail quiet is not. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Maybe I just don't eat out much on public holidays... Oh well, luckily we had only ordered one meal each and no drinks... so it ended up being around $100 with $20 being the surcharge amount.

Anyway that's all, just a quick share of life. 

Sorry, I'll integrate some fashion into my posts again SOON, I promise. 


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